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PRINTinZ Ultimaker 2 Printer Plate (229X257MM)

PRINTinZ Ultimaker 2 Printer Plate (229X257MM)

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This Printer Plate is designed to fit on the Ultimaker 2 3D printer. It is intended to be clipped onto the existing bed in place of the supplied glass plate. It fits right under the metal clips that hold the glass. The plate is approximately 3.5mm (.14") thick and includes a metallic layer just below the surface to enable its use with inductive proximity sensors*. This plate can be scraped, lightly sanded or cleaned with solvents.

*In some cases, the thickness of the outer skin above the metal layer can vary from one side of the plate to the other. For the first couple prints, double check your Z calibration (for the sensor) when switching sides.

Please note that these plates are intended to work with PLA or small ABS parts. The plate can withstand 100°C heat, however, the shrinkage of a large, dense ABS part will tend to cause slight flexing of the plate sometimes resulting in a warped bottom. If you wish to experiment with ABS, we suggest starting with smaller parts and working bigger as you grow comfortable with the plate's capability.

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