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DFRobot TMP100 Temperature Sensor (Gadgeteer Compatible)

DFRobot TMP100 Temperature Sensor (Gadgeteer Compatible)

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This temperature sensor used TMP100 chip is ideal for extended temperature measurement in a variety of communication, consumer, environmental,and instrumentation applications, etc...
You can change the address or working voltage of the device depend on the environment.5V or 3.3V regular voltage input change by one tiny switch I2C digital output communication, easy to get temperature datas of different address,the resolution can be changed as well.
This module supports both 3.3v/5v which make it be compatible with both Gadgeteer 3.3v and Arduino 5v systems. Included 3 Pin headers give the easiest way to link to Arduino.

  • Input Voltage: 2.7-5.5V
  • Working current:45uA(0.1uA standby)
  • Resolution: 9-12 Bits
  • Address: B1001000-B1001111
  • Opterating frequence:100KHZ/400KHZ/3.4MHZ
  • Accuracy:±2℃@-25℃~85℃,±3℃@-55℃~125℃
  • Interface: I2C Digital Output x1
  • .NET gadgeteer connector (IDC10)Socket x2
  • Size: 32 x 27mm


  • TMP100 Temperature Sensor(.Net Gadgeteer Compatible) ×1
  • 4pin Header-Straight ×1
  • Cable ×1

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