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DFRobot Shiftout LED Kit

DFRobot Shiftout LED Kit

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This shiftout LED Kit includes a very simple and small LED display module. It makes it possible for you to directly connect many 7-segment led modules in a chain. So you could diy a simple timer or a clock display , and many other devices that require the use of 7 segment LEDs.

  • supply power:5V
  • Interface: SPI
  • Common Anode
  • Digital Bits: 1
  • number of connecting:over 16
  • Directly connected with the interface shield
  • Compatible with the SPI LED Module 8 Digital (Arduino Compatible)
  • size:41x30x25mm


  • LED Module x1
  • Shiftout Module x1
  • Cable for Shiftout x1

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