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DFRobot Screw Shield V3

DFRobot Screw Shield V3

£10.00 £8.33 ex. VAT

Have you ever been annoyed when you want to plug cables into screw terminals, you can't find the screwdriver! Here,a new terminal shield without screws,just press the termainal when connecting cables.Easily & quickly.
This button terminal I/O expansion shield is a new revolution of our earlier Screw Shield which allows you to plug jumper wires to a terminal for a much stronger and secure connection for your I/O and power pins. Feel secure with this arduino-compatible screw shield.It is compatible with Arduino R3.

  • I/O expansion termianls
  • Compatible with Arduino R3
  • Press to connect cables
  • Grey termianls
  • Colored pin headers
  • Size:11.8 x 5.7 x 1.6cm


  • Screw shiels V3 for Arduino x1

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