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DFRobot Rainbow LED Ring V3 (Arduino Compatible)

DFRobot Rainbow LED Ring V3 (Arduino Compatible)

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The Rainbow Ring board has been upgraded to version 3! This is probably the most beautiful LED ring ever. Each led on the ring can be controlled seperatly on its brightness and colors (RGB). It comes with pre-burned bootloader which has several built in led scripts.

It allows I2C/Serial communication from any MCU and can be serially linked to make a beautiful Art piece via I2C.

It can be programmed using standard Arduino IDE by FTDI breakout board.

If you happen to have an idea or work done using this ring, please share your project with us in the community.

  • CPU: Atmega 168P (Lilypad Board in Arduino IDE)
  • Bootloader: Optiboot diecimila
  • Supply voltage:5V
  • Output voltage:5V
  • Interface: Serial/I2C/Digital pins
  • Push button x2
  • 12 SMD RGB LED
  • Firmware upgradable
  • Stand-alone operation: No microcontroller needed for light script playback
  • Diameter:61mm


  • Rainbow LED Ring V3 (Arduino Compatible) x1
  • Pin headers 90° x5
  • Pin header x2
  • Jumper wire x1

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