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DFRobot Prototyping Plate (round)

DFRobot Prototyping Plate (round)

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This is a round prototyping plate. It can provide the convenient mounting solution similar to the square shape version(FIT0101)for micro-controllers and sensors, it can also be mounted on the Turtle-2WD Mobile Platform(ROB0005) to make the robot more versatile, powerful, and a little cooler. This prototyping plate fits M2-M3 screws. The board design is also compatible with Microsoft Gadgeteer modules.
NOTE: This product does not ship with the board shown above.Please check the shipping list below for reference.

  • Size:170mm(diameter)x2mm(thickness)
  • Slot size:3mm
  • Total weigt:340g (including all screws)

  • Prototyping Plate(Round) x1
  • M3 screw set x30
  • M3 * 10 Hexagonal Nylon standoffs x10
  • M3 * 20 Hexagonal Nylon standoffs x10
  • M3 * 50 Hexagonal Copper standoffs x10

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