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DFRobot Nano I/O Shield for Arduino Nano

DFRobot Nano I/O Shield for Arduino Nano

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The Arduino Nano I/O Shield acts as a expansion board for the Arduino Nano and DFRduino Nano microcontrollers. There are several different options for power input. The form factor of the Nano I/O Shield board is the same as the Arduino UNO/Leonardo. In addition, each pinout includes 5V and GND pins for easy connection to sensors or servos. This unit comes fully assembled. The board also has a space specifically for the DFRobot bluetooth module and ACP220. Several I2C pins are also exposed.

V1.1 Update:Add a IIC interface switch, now it is compatible with Arduino Nano, DFRduino Nano V3, DFRduino Nano V4 and Bluno Nano

  • Power supply: +5 V
  • Size: 69x54mm


  • Nano I/O Shield for Arduino Nano x1

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