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DFRobot MiniQ 2WD Complete Kit v2.0 (Arduino Compatible)

DFRobot MiniQ 2WD Complete Kit v2.0 (Arduino Compatible)

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MiniQ product family is one of our most loved products, it's a complete robotic learning platform, with low cost and a good learning curve. This little robot kit provides most of what you need. From beginners to advanced users, MiniQ 2WD will get you started quickly in the robotics world and let improve or adapt as per your project requirements.

This upgraded version of MiniQ 2WD Kit comes with new Arduino Leonardo controller but also integrates useful modules such as buzzer, RGB LED, photosensitive diode, infrared LED receiver and compass. If you use Lithium battery, you can also use the charge port of MiniQ. This updated kit is more convenient for you to create a obstacle avoidance robot or direction detection robot.
This robot uses some of the most common sensors used on a multitude of tutorials and guides online. It comes fully assembled and ready to program some of our very useful sample codes. We've also created a new set of learning materials for you so that you can start right away!

Notice: USB is just for debugging so you'd better not use USB for power supply for a long time

  • Weight: 350g
  • Power Supply: 4.5--6V
  • Bootloader: Arduino Leonardo
  • Line tracking sensors x5
  • Photosensitive diode x2
  • Very comfortable buttons
  • WS2812 RGB LED
  • Port Connector: IIC
  • Size: 109*122mm


  • 2WD MiniQ V2.0 x1
  • IR remote control x1
  • Micro USB Cable x1
  • Gadgeteer Cable x1


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