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DFRobot Input Shield for Arduino

DFRobot Input Shield for Arduino

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The upgraded Arduino Input Shield includes a two axis mini joystick (with moment switch) as well as four colored push buttons(Red,Yellow,Blue,Green). The reserved APC220 Radio Data Module(SKU:TEL0005) interface and the Xbee interface is deisgned to facilitate the realization of wireless rocker button controller. The shield can be easily stacked on top of your Arduino boards. It can also connect with OLED2864 & OLED9664.

  • up D8
  • down A1
  • left D9
  • right D12
  • stick button A0
  • level_stick A3
  • vertical_stick A2
  • width 53.2 mm
  • length 121.3 mm
  • height 40.8 mm (with pin); 31.2 mm (without pin)


  • Input Shield For Arduino x1

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