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DFRobot Hurt Locker (Fake Defusable Bomb) Kit

DFRobot Hurt Locker (Fake Defusable Bomb) Kit

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Time to be a hero! As one of the DFRobot classics, the Hurt Locker Kit allows you to make a scary looking time bomb that you can actually "defuse" with wisdom and courage. It is based on Arduino and is very fun to play, especially in festivals and gatherings.

After assembly, press the start button and then you will see two colors flicker in sequence. Do not forget them and quickly look up the third color with the color sheet in your hand. Remember you've got only 15s! There are 6 colored wires across the top of the bomb and you have two attempts to get rid of the correct wire. If you fail, things will end up in a loud blow (balloon).

No soldering is required with this kit, our intuitive user manual will guide you effortlessly with assembly. Only few minutes and you are ready to take the challenge!





  • DFRduino UNO R3 x1
  • IO Expansion Shield for Arduino x1
  • IIC LCD1602 x1
  • Digital RED LED Light Module x1
  • Digital Blue LED Light Module x1
  • Digital Green LED Light Module x1
  • Digital White LED Light Module x1
  • Digital Buzzer Module x1
  • USB Cable A-B x1
  • 9g micro servo x1
  • Adapter Board x1
  • 20cm Paper Tube x6
  • 17cm Paper Tube x1
  • Kraft Paper x1
  • Double Coated Foam Tape x1
  • Black Electrial Tape x1
  • Safety Pin x1
  • Balloon x10
  • M3x16 Self Tapping Screw
  • Wire Cable


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