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DFRobot eClip - programming Fixture

DFRobot eClip - programming Fixture

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eClip is an innovative programming/testing tool specially designed for Makers. It solves the problem of prototyping wearable projects with ICSP and FTDI interfaces in limited spaces.

It provides 2x4 pogo-pins function-board, which makes it much easier to design and use ICSP/FTDI based on Arduino/AVR. Whatsmore, this tool supports extension so you can design your own dedicated function-board to meet your specific requirements.

The eClip comes in DIY kit, you can enjoy soldering and assembling. Designer: LeoYan.
Compatible with Beetle, Bluno Beetle, uHex, "Shake" 8*8 LED Matrix

  • Dimensions: 72 * 29 * 18 (L*W*H)mm
  • Weight: 32g


  • eClip Programming fixture x1

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