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DFRobot DTMF Shield

DFRobot DTMF Shield

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This Shield is a Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling module decoder for Arduino With it's audio connector you can decode the crazy funny noises common phones make. If you are not sure what I'm talking about, imagine a home phone while pressing several of its keys. These Touch-Tones have a specific frequency or sound that this module can decode. This Shield is a Audio code system that will allow you to send commands to your Arduino via Audio signal.
Together with GMS / GPRS / GPS shield this module can communicate your Arduino with any phone land line or Cell phone in the world, within GSM signal range. Which goes as far as your cellphone.

  • Audio socket for application
  • 37x37x9mm
  • Speaker connector for audio sound checking.
  • Microphone connector for over the air remote control system( note, due to environmental noise, without any filtering system this method is not recommended)


  • DTMF module x1

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