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DFRobot Digital RGB LED

DFRobot Digital RGB LED

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This is a kind of chip_inside LED, so you can control each LED individually! It will be simply amazing when you change the color. And for controlling, it only need one digital pin of your Arduino whose MCU power supplies from 3.3V-5V.

This digital RGB LED uses single thread zero yards communication protocol,"DIN" will receive the contrtol signal and transmit to the next LED via "DOUT" port. So these LED could be cascade connection, and individual control. It is amazing if you want to show some beatuy with LEDs.

  • Model: Φ8MM full-color light emitting diode LED lights
  • Package: DIP type
  • Color: tri-color, with IC control is adjustable to a myriad of color
  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V~5V
  • Operating Current IF: 20mA
  • Maximum transmitting data speed: 800Kbps
  • Color Wave length (nm) Luminance (mcd) Voltage (V)
  • Blue 465-467 180-200 3.0-3.2
  • Green 522-525 660-720 2.8-3.0
  • Red 620-625 390-420 1.9-2.1
  • 1 DIN
  • 2 VDD
  • 3 GND
  • 4 DOUT


  • Digital RGB LED x10

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