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DFRobot DFRduino Mega Kit

DFRobot DFRduino Mega Kit

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This combo is built arround the DFRduino Mega (Arduino Mega Compatible), it comes with the mega sensor shield, the I2C LCD shield, a light sensor, a temperature and humididty sensor, an analog sound sensor, an analog slider sensor, a sharp GP2d12 distance sensor and our very popular 7 led light disk with all the necessary cables and wires. This is a great kit to get started with or to compliment your collection of Open Source Hardware.

  • DFRobot Mega 2560 V3.0 (DFR0191) x1
  • DFRduino Mega Sensor Shield V2.3 (DFR0165) x1
  • Analog Sound Sensor (DFR0034) x1
  • Digital Push Button (DFR0029) x1
  • Analog Slide Position Sensor (DFR0053) x1
  • DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor (DFR0067) x1
  • Analog Ambient Light Sensor (DFR0026) x1
  • IIC LCD1602(Gadgeteer Compatible) (DFR0063) x1
  • Sharp GP2Y0A21 Distance Sensor (SEN0014) x1
  • A-B USB Cable for Arduino (FIT0056) x1
  • Jumper Wires 9" F/F (FIT0030) x1
  • Light Disc with 7 SMD RGB LED (DFR0106) x1

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