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DFRobot 5-DOF Robotic Arm

DFRobot 5-DOF Robotic Arm

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Manipulator arm I believe we are intimately familiar with, and the hospital's surgical robot, the factory in the industrial robot, even though you've seen on TV or on-site, but its huge size and high prices discourage us now We developed a small cheap 5-DOF manipulator, able to play a round of a mechanical hand we dream!

DFLG5DOF (Little Gripper 5 Degrees of Freedom Robotic Arm) produced by the DFRobot, 5-DOF manipulator by the five micro-servo motor (actuator) component, corresponding to the arm, the elbow, wrist (2 degrees of freedom). It also has 5 joints, each joint movement in a certain range. PC control software by the controller to send control commands to the steering gear, in order to achieve accurate arm in space operations, the task completion by the arm and install cameras feedback images, a set of very good teaching platform robot demo Manipulator can be installed to the mobile platform, complete remote wireless video operations, applicable to harmful sites.

Persons bearing joints cup mounting screws are used round cap nut, to prevent scratches on your hands, humanized design to ensure you enjoy the share of the fun of DIY!

  • Voltage: +4.8-7.2 V
  • Current: 1200mA
  • Arm length: 270mm
  • Weight: 430g​

  • 5-DOF manipulator x1

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