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Adafruit PiGRRL 2.0 Custom Gamepad PCB [ADA3015]

Adafruit PiGRRL 2.0 Custom Gamepad PCB [ADA3015]

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Adafruit Product Code: 3015

This is the Custom Gamepad PCB for the PiGRRL 2 pack! The board is designed for use in portable gaming projects like the PiGRRL 2 but it's basically everything-you-need to make your very own DIY gaming project with GPIO input

We've dramatically cut the build time in half of the PiGRRL 2 pack by making this custom gamepad PCB. Just solder in 6mm tactile switch buttons and an 2x20 header or IDC box header to the gamepad PCB - No more tedious button wiring!

Comes with just the PCB! Best for people who already have the rest of the parts, or are doing a custom build. Check out the PiGrrl2 tutorial guide for schematics, details, files, and more

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