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Young Engineers

What’s the best way to create young engineers? By giving them a reason to want to become one. At Makersify, we are passionate about engineering, science, and technology and we are eager to help children learn more about these fields through our Young Engineers product collection.

Through research, we have sourced an incredible category of superior products that give children a reason to experiment with their own projects. We offer products like the Adafruit Nixie Seven Segment Art Scratch Off Card that lets kids draw their name or other messages and our Adafruit Crayola Crayons which are extremely fun and easy to use. Our goal is to make engineering fun for people of all ages, and through our Young Engineer category we do just that.

If you’ve been trying to get your child involved in engineering but haven’t been successful so far, why not take a look through our Young Engineer products? Our selection includes items that are fit for a range of age groups and advancements. We offer everything from books to snap circuits and much more. As you child learns more about science and technology, you can come back to Makersify and help them pick out more advanced Adafruit and other brand named products perfect for their projects.

We invite you to produce an appetite for all things tech in your child by shopping in our Young Engineers section today. Our Adafruit products make the perfect gift for a loved one or for finishing a project. Take a look around our selection and find the right component for you or your child’s project today.