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What is the one element you need to turn an ordinary creation into an extraordinary one? The answer is sensors! At Makersify, we take our sensors seriously, which is why we only offer you the best sensors on the market. Whether you want to turn your newest design into a GPS capable product, want it to be temperature sensitive, or like the idea of sound sensitivity we’ve got the sensors to make it happen.

Carrying the highest quality sensors in the industry is our top priority, and we constantly update our inventory to bring you the best products available. Our selection includes ever popular brands like the Adafruit Electret Microphone Amplifier, Adafurit Ultimate GPS breakout, and the Alcohol Sensor. That’s right, we carry a sensor capable of detecting alcohol. As you can tell, we include everything from the obscure to the everyday components required for common tech projects.  

Whether you want Adafruit brand products or are looking for a unique blend of hard to find sensors, this is the right category for you. At Makersify we are passionate about the products we offer, and we guarantee that when you make a purchase from us you are in good hands. Our Adafruit GPS sensor is just one example of the advanced tech parts we offer our customers, as it provides you with coordinate and location specific information with pin-point accuracy.

Take your latest design to the next level with our incredible selection of superior sensors and high quality products. Transform what you thought was possible by browsing through our diverse lineup of sensor products today!