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Official Adafruit UK Distributor - Makersify

Have you been searching everywhere for the perfect Adafruit reseller, but have yet to find them? Well search no more! Here at Makersfiy, we offer the most popular, hard to find Adafruit products that will make your tech dreams a reality. Our store provides an insight to our UK warehuse with hundreds of products on offer.

Looking for an Adafruit Trinket? We’ve got it. Want to light up your project with Adafruit Neopixels? Look no further than Makersify. Perhaps you want to class things up a bit with an Adafruit PiTFT? We’ve that as well. Our selection of products from the Adafruit brand is virtually endless, and we always keep up with the latest trends in the tech industry because, well, we love this stuff too.

The best part of our store is that we are based in the UK, offer free UK shipping on all orders, and always have a well stocked warehouse. We take hard to find brands and put them in the palm of your hands with affordable pricing, fast shipping, and an incredibly smooth shopping experience.

What are you waiting for? The brands you have been searching for await you below, so go forth and find the perfect instrument to complete your newest invention from your #1 Adafruit Reseller, Makersfiy!