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Makersify are a specialist supplier of electronic components and parts. Latest products from Adafruit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Seeed and other quality brands.

Who doesn’t love new toys? At Makersify, we’re like kids in a sweet shop when new products arrive and we can’t wait to share them with our customers. We do this in our New Products collection, which showcases the latest electronic arrivals from Adafruit, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Seeed and other quality brands.

If you’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tech products then look no further!

We partner with the UK’s best tech companies to provide you with the highest quality components and parts available, not to mention a few favourites of our own. Whether you’re looking for the latest Adafruit LEDs or need a newer model of an old Arduino UK product we’ve got you covered.

No need to keep searching for less than fulfilling up-and-coming tech gadgets, now you can make your own by browsing through our New Products category to find the perfect components and parts for your electronics masterpiece.

Our specialty is Adafruit and Arduino, UK brands but we do have an expansive collection that includes the most recognisable names in the tech world.

Get away from the pressure that big-named geek and tech stores put on you to purchase their premade products by shopping with us at Makersify. You’ll be amazed at the diversity found in our New Products collection.

Start shopping for your newest Adafruit product or Arduino gadget component and discover the best products on the tech market with Makersify.