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Neopixels are incredible additions to any tech project, beware alternatives that can end up looking dull and lifeless. Here at Makersify, we refuse to sell anything less than official Adafruit Neopixels. You can’t make your invention shine without a bit of sparkle from Neopixel LEDs, now can you? Fortunately, our collection of Neopixel products provides you with everything you need to take things to the next level.

Whether you need Neopixel Rings, Strips, or Boards, our collection offers you the best that UK stores can sell. Our products include Neopixel NeoMatrix 8X8 Matrix’s and even Neopixel Diffused 8MM Hole LED devices. They're great for wearable projects too! Now you can light up your favorite piece of clothing or device with our flexible, easy to use individually addressable Neopixel products.

We don’t take this stuff lightly (excuse the pun). We know how important it is to use only the best components to achieve the right look or style you are after. It is our firm belief that Adafruit Neopixels can’t be beat when it comes to stability and longevity.

Check out our incredible selection of Neopixel LEDs below, and don’t forget that all of our Neopixel are stored in our UK warehouse, ready to be shipped to you, fast and free.