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Add a little sparkle into your next project with Makersify’s incredible range of LED products. LEDs are the perfect addition to wearable science projects, lighting up your display, or for simplifying your project. Our LEDs and Pixels come from the best brands in the industry and are specifically made for custom projects.

What can you expect when browsing through our range of LED products? For starters, you can be confident that our store only contains the best electrical and engineering components necessary for you to turn your ideas into reality. We are diehard nerds who are passionate about all things tech, so we only sell the best of the best in our store. In fact, the majority of the products and brands we offer have been used at one time or another by our in-house nerds and geeks.

When it comes to LEDs and Pixels, your final project will only be as good as the components you use to light things up. This is why we bring you products like the Adafruit Mini 8X8 LED Matrix, Adafruit LED Sequins, and the Adafruit Digital Segment Display. From Bare LEDs to Strips, we supply you with every type of LED you need to make your creation stand out.

Want to see the full range? Check out our LED category to find the product you need at the price you like. Once you find what you are looking for we will ship it out to you free of charge from our UK warehouse. At Makersify, we are passionate about quality tech products at affordable prices. Get started today by browsing through our LED and Pixel products.