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LCDs & Displays

What’s better than creating something from nothing? Lighting it up with brand new LCD Lighting Displays! Our varied LCD category has everything you need to light up and display your project for the whole world to view.

Colorful, vibrant and just plain awesome, our Adafruit LCD displays and PiTFT’s are perfect no matter what your project entails. Makersify helps you take your project up a notch with everything you need to make your creation stand out from the crowd. It’s our goal to offer you the best LCDs and Displays currently available, and we’re confident in this category you will discover all of the LCD products you want and need.

Take our amazing Adafruit Medium 16X32 RGB LED Matrix or Adafruit Monochrome 128X32 12C OLED Graphic Display, for example. Currently, these products are amongst our top-selling items and are always in stock. We also specialize in PiTFT merchandise to ensure your latest invention has all the bells and whistles you require.

If you are working on the finishing touches for your invention and need the best LCDs and Displays to do so, then look no further than our extensive merchandise category. You can shop with assurance knowing that every item in our web store has been handpicked by hard-core tech fans just like you. We only sell products we believe in, and our LCD Display category is fully out-fitted with premiere products that far surpass ‘everyday’ items available in most tech stores.

Check out our inventory of Adafruit and PiTFT products below, and receive free shipping on all orders within the UK. Start shopping with Makersify today!