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Are you interested in superior products, but are sick of overpriced gadget stores trying to push useless gizmos on you? Well, welcome to the Makersify boards category, where we understand what it takes to create something truly amazing. Here you will find our incredible selection of the best breakout boards available at some of the lowest prices on the web.

Regardless of the engineering project you are trying to take on, if you need a Breakout Board then you’ve come to the right spot.

At Makersify, it is our job to search for, find, and supply you with the best products in the industry to make your project easy to complete. We also understand these components better than our competitors, so you can be confident these are geek approved parts and products perfect for any project.

Some of the most popular products from this category include the Adafruit Trinket, Tennsy 3.1, and our Adafruit 12MM Coin Cell Breakout. Take for example, our Adafruit Trinket. This device may be small, but what she lacks for in size she makes up for in power. Another popular product is our GPS Breakout Board. Our commitment to providing you with the best Boards products, like the GPS Breakout which offers you easy access to location specific content and a highly sensitive receiver, is consistent with the products we offer in our store.

Browse through our selection of breakout boards and components today, and enjoy our fast and free shipping on your purchase, all from our UK warehouse! We guarantee you will fall in love with our selection.