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Top 5 Summer Gadgets To Look Out For

Is 2016 set to be 'just another year' on the gadget front? Far from it - certainly if the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) is anything to go by, the coming months will be characterised by a combination of truly wacky new developments with exciting evolutions on familiar product categories like drones, wearables and VR headsets.

Here are five of the gadgets that may - or may not - break cover this summer.

  1. Sensorwake Alarm Clock

There have been lots of thought-provoking and even amusing variations on the classic alarm clock formula in recent years, from the Philips Wake-Up light that greets you on a morning with a sunrise-like glow, to the Clocky alarm that actually flees from you.

But how many alarm clocks do you know that can actually wake you up with smells? Yep - the Sensorwake emits the scent of coffee, croissants, chocolate, peppermint or even the seaside to get you rising on a morning. It's apparently set to be released in June, and don't worry - it incorporates a backup sound alarm as well.

  1. Ehang 184

We had to include this one simply on account of the momentous development that it would represent if did appear this summer - a truly viable drone that is actually able to carry a human passenger.

The sticking point is that word "viable". This creation of the Chinese UAV company Ehang - measuring four and a half feet tall, weighing 440 pounds and apparently able to transport a single passenger at a brisk 60mph - is unlikely to be flying through your town for a few years at least, if ever.

That said, Ehang has said that it will begin to commercialise the 184 within a few months, albeit in China at first, so we will look forward to seeing whether it can back up its big claims.

  1. Lenovo Google Project Tango phone

It was also at CES 2016 where Lenovo announced it would produce the first phone under the banner of Project Tango, the Google technology platform that enables mobile devices to detect their position relative to their environment using computer vision, rather than with GPS or other external signals.

We don't know much information about Lenovo's device at the moment, except that it will be priced below $500 and the company hasn't yet come up with a final design. Still, if you're a fanatic of smartphone cameras, it's well worth keeping your eye on the relevant news pages.   

  1. Withings Thermo

In the emerging era of the 'smart' home, it seems that we're getting 'smart' versions of everything, and an impressive addition to that category of products is the smart thermometer that doesn't even need to go inside you to record your temperature.

The Thermo apparently boasts 16 infrared sensors in all, which enable it to make 4,000 micro-measurements a second. It has been said that it will be available in the first quarter of this year, for around £70 if its mooted $100 US price is anything to go by.

  1. Apple Watch 2

Apple's debut timepiece has swiftly shaken up the still-rising wearables market. Now, focus has shifted to what enhancements will be incorporated into the next version, which according to some online rumourmongers, could be with us as soon as the spring.

There has been talk of a thinner second-generation Watch featuring a longer-lasting battery, FaceTime camera and new straps. However, Apple is being its usual secretive self on the subject of its top-selling wearable, so we'll just have to wait and see what emerges from the Cupertino stable.

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