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Top 10 Coolest Things You Can Do WIth Neopixels

We at Makersify stock a wide range of NeoPixel units, which makes it easier to bring LED magic to your projects. What projects? Here are our best ideas if you're suffering from a stubborn creative block.

Lit-up smartphone

If your smartphone is a darker colour that could too easily be misplaced in dark environments, like theatres and nightclubs, then decorating it with colourful NeoPixels LED lighting could address that issue.

Lit-up clothing

On the other hand, maybe you don't want to only get noticed when you take your smartphone out of your pocket. Carefully placing NeoPixels in artistic fashion to your clothes could help you to stand out.

Light painting

Stock up on several NeoPixel strips and you can put together beautiful artistic pieces. NeoPixels maker Adafruit explains how on its website, but opt for weatherproof strips if you intend your pieces for outside display.

Eye-catching wig

Adafruit's website includes instructions for making a "cyber falls" wig that uses NeoPixels to great effect. However, be warned that making this wig is, in Adafruit's words, "deceptively challenging".

Well-lit skateboard

If you love spending time skateboarding, the Adafruit website also includes instructions for how you can attach NeoPixel LEDs to a skateboard for safer riding after the sun has set.

Telling a story through animation

This could call for particularly intricate programming; however, there's no reason why expert coders can't use NeoPixel LEDs to tell a short but enchanting story through the medium of lights.

Ambient lighting

TV sets with built-in ambient lighting are pretty rare, which is why you could prefer making your own such responsive lighting for your TV. That NeoPixels are so cheap and easy to program really helps here – here are instructions for inexpensively making ambient lighting.

Static signs and notices

Especially appealing for businesses, such signs and notices are not only eye-catching, but also easier and cheaper to regularly change than print signs - just a bit of rejigging of programming code is necessary.

Scrolling message signs

These have the same benefits as the static signs mentioned above, except that they can be even more eye-catching. They are especially good for displaying lots of information that might not fit entirely onto a static sign.


Ladies naturally always like to get noticed with their jewellery - and jewellery equipped with NeoPixels can easily attract attention even as the lights dim. Such jewellery can be easy to regularly re-customise, too.

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