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Our 5 Favourite Accessories

In much the same way that even the most delicious-looking cake can look a little bereft without that vital cherry on top, even your most impressive electronics can seem a little, well, lacking in visual character without the addition of accessories.

Here are our 5 favourites of the accessories that we stock here at Makersify – and you could alternatively choose to place them on your clothing to, so to speak, wear your tech obsession on your sleeve.

Adafruit Robotics! - Sticker!

Especially cheap at just £3, this sticker can be used simply to show your love of robots or, when bought in bulk, handed to novice robot-builders at events such as Maker Faire to recognise their achievements. Each sticker is glossy and vinyl – and the cute cartoon image means that children could particularly eagerly take to it.

Adafruit Ada Lovelace, large, oval black and white - Sticker!

Many female coders today can be easily inspired by the example of Ada Lovelace, the nineteenth century mathematician who has often been dubbed the world’s first computer programmer. We stock numerous stickers that pay tribute to Lovelace, but this one is particularly striking for a visual style evocative of the Victorian era in which Lovelace thrived.

Adafruit USB Flash Drive Cufflinks - 4 GB Storage

If you’re the kind of person who too frequently misplaces their USB flash drives, these cufflinks can provide a quirky, but undoubtedly logical, solution. With these cufflinks, not only can you keep your clothes held together, you can also know exactly where to look whenever you need your flash drive for downloading that essential document or image.

Adafruit Transistor Shirt

Available in small, medium and large for both men and women, this shirt sports the iconic Transistor Man diagram from Horowitz and Hill’s “The Art of Electronics”. It’s a genuinely accurate depiction of that diagram, too – as the depiction was made using a scan of the original artwork transparency. The women’s shirts comprise of 100% cotton, while the material for the men’s shirts is a 50/50 poly-cotton blend.

Adafruit Swift - Skill badge, iron-on patch

Many iPhone and iPad apps owe their smooth and reliable running to Apple’s Swift programming language – particularly due to the Interactive Playgrounds feature, which enables results to be seen in real-time during coding. Many Swift coders can now attach the recognisable orange Swift logo to their clothing or electronics; this badge can be either ironed or sewn on.

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