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Review: Adafruit Camera-Mount LED Photography Light

Any photographer worth his or her salt will tell you that getting the lighting right is a crucial step towards getting your photos the way you’ve always wanted them. As ever, the technologically-minded have stepped in to provide an ideal solution with the camera-mounted light, and the Adafruit LED light is one of the best choices around.

Ready to develop a professional portfolio?

Professionals are worth more than their skills – a great photographer knows how to find the best tools for the job and leverage the latest technologies. People used to have to rely on the traditional flash, which provided a brief and blinding pulse of light whenever you took a shot. Acceptable? Yes – but we can do better.

Enter the LED light panel. They provide constant lighting for your shots, with an array of super-bright LEDs producing an outstanding output.  Need to add ambient light when you’re shooting in video mode? The LED light panel is a godsend. Need reliable illumination for close-up and macro shooting. Ditto. You’ll also find it more straightforward to view lighting effects when composing your shot.

Certainly a must for any serious student of photography

The people are Adafruit have developed some outstanding products, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the benefits of an LED photography light shine brightest when Adafruit have had a hand. A Sony NP-F550 battery was chosen for power since you can find them almost anywhere, and you can tune the panel itself to colour temperatures ranging from ~3200K (warm) – to take advantage of sunsets -  to ~5600K (cool) – for snapping clear blue skies. For added control over your shots, you can also adjust the brightness up to 11W.

A strong range of additional features

The Adafruit camera-mounted LED photography light can be oriented in any direction you like thanks to the included pan tilt shoe mount base, and there’s a button for testing the battery balance to make sure you don’t run out of juice when you’re hitting the golden hour.

Adafruit have provided plenty of photographer-friendly products in the past, including the DIY film kit and the funky 35mm twin lens reflex camera kit. Their LED photography light takes a new direction by offering a stunning addition to your current camera, with enough customisation options available to perfect each and every shot. It’s a product that gets a big thumbs up from the team here at Makersify.

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