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6 DFRobot Products Hardware Engineers Will Love

If you are a hardware engineer and haven't yet familiarised yourself with the offerings of the DFRobot brand, then you certainly should. There's just no provider of robotics and open source hardware that offers quite as innovative, broad and astonishing a range of products as DFRobot, now encompassing more than 900 components and widgets.

Still don't understand what the fuss is all about? Allow us to be your guide to six of our favourite DFRobot products.

  1. 0.3m Pixel Serial JPEG Camera Module

Need to incorporate a camera into your next robotics project? Look no further.

This handy 0.3 megapixel still camera module combines a compact size and low power consumption with stable operation and a truly impressive overall specifications list, including a 5V power supply, 80-100mA power consumption RS232 communication interface/protocol.

  1. 10 DOF Mems IMU Sensor

Inertial measurement units have long been vital for measuring and reporting on the velocity, orientation and gravitational forces of the crafts to which they are connected.  

This up-to-the-minute IMU sensor incorporates an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope and barometric pressure sensor, along with mounting holes that enable it to provide sensor data of the most remarkable accuracy and stability.

  1. 10 Pcs 40 Pin Headers - Straight (Blue)

These pin headers are certainly eye-catching, and of course, we could have just as easily listed the green and red versions here.

But these 0.1" header strips are far from merely visual, actually frequently serving as inexpensive Arduino connectors, their standard spacing allowing them to be used with perforated prototyping PCBs, solderless breadboards and female headers. You can also easily snap these headers into smaller strips if required for your specific application.

  1. 4WD Outdoor Mobile Platform

If you are mad about robots and would like to find a decent outdoor mobile robot platform that doesn't break the bank, DFRobot has exactly what you need right here.

What you get in exchange for a couple of hundred quid of your hard-earned is a comprehensive kit consisting of four gear motors, outdoor wheels, an aluminium frame and mounting hardware. There's space for a standard-sized servo motor, with the overall 4WD robot chassis being ideally suited for independent research and development.

  1. 6 DOF Robotic Arm

This has to be one of the coolest products in the DFRobot range, guaranteed to bring out the excited 10-year old in every hardware engineer! It moves swiftly and accurately, incorporating such features as base rotation, wrist motion, single plane shoulder, optional wrist rotate and a functional gripper.

What's not to love?

  1. Black Pi Case Enclosure For Raspberry Pi

There's no better small computer for all kinds of applications than the Raspberry Pi, and there's no better way to shield it from danger than by placing it in this dedicated enclosure.

Slots are incorporated into the design so that you can still easily access the Raspberry Pi's peripheral header, Ethernet, HDMI, USB ports, SD card and other elements, while it also has light pipes enabling you to maintain a great view of the Pi's status LEDs. It's a wonderfully slick looking thing, too.

Are you ready to discover the many great products offered by DFRobot? In that case, there really is no better place than right here at Makersify.

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