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Understanding What Board You Need For Your Project

If there's one thing above all other things that we really pride ourselves on here at Makersify, it's our ability to source the most extensive selection of breakout boards at the most competitive prices, to ensure that - whatever project you may have in mind - you can source the right one.  


How do I determine the board I really need?

Those who have a bit more specialised experience in these matters may find what they need simply by browsing our breakout board categories on the Makersify website.

For instance, if it's an ARM development project for which you require the right board, you may be perfectly well-served by the Teensy 3.2 + header, the Adafruit JTAG To SWD Cable Adapter Board or the Adafruit LPCXpresso LPC1347 Development Board With LPC-Link.

Along similar lines, we stock the perfect breakout boards for AVR development, Feather, FPGA, mbed, PIC, Propeller and Twinket projects, many of these terms referring to specific types of boards in our extensive Adafruit range.

A selection of the boards that may fulfil your requirements

If you aren't yet getting a sense of the breakout board that would suit your own next project, it may be helpful to give you a whistle-stop tour of some of our currently stocked boards and their strengths.

Let's imagine that you want to incorporate JavaScript into your next project. The small Espruino - A Little Shot of JavaScript computer could be just what you require, providing the instant feedback needed to experiment and develop even if you don't have much experience. Even those who can't program are able to get quick results from this board, thanks to its web-based graphical code editor.

Alternatively, your intended project may require the use of an Ultra-Precise Real Time Clock (RTC) module like that of Adafruit, this ChronoDot RTC being based on the DS3231 temperature compensated RTC (TCXO). Unlike the considerable drifting that other RTC solutions can suffer from, the ChronoDot drifts less than a minute per year, making it a highly suitable option for time-critical applications where there isn't the option to regularly synchronise them to an external clock.

In the event that you require an audio amplifier, meanwhile, we would suggest that you make it the Adafruit Stereo 20W Class D Audio Amplifier - MAX9744, a small and slim board that is capable of driving two channels of 4-8 ohm impedance speakers at 20W each.

Ask Makersify to advise you on the right board

Sometimes, knowing the most suitable board for your intended project is a relatively simple case of drawing upon past experience, but on other occasions, you may need more tailored advice. Whatever project you have in mind, don't hesitate to contact our experts here at Makersify for guidance on the most appropriate approach and solutions.

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