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Adafruit DIY Rechargeable LED Makeup Compact - UK/EU Version

Caution! A poorly lit mirror can lead to mismatched eyeshadow or a half shaved beard.

At Makersfiy, we believe in keeping our readers looking good, and this DIY project will guarantee you look camera ready any time of day. Now you can light up your makeup mirror and take it with you wherever you go, with a few tech tweaks that involve some LED lights and, well, a mirror.

Adafruit offers tons of products for DIY projects, but this simple rechargeable LED makeup mirror will take very little effort and equipment to pull off. Just like a car mirror, this compact mirror project makes it easy to check yourself out whether you’re in a darkly lit bathroom or in the middle of a camping trip in the mountains.


We love the guides and projects provided by Adafruit, which is why we're starting a new blog feature here at Makersify. Each week we'll pick out our favorite project from and create you a new, British shopping list, allowing you to grab all of the kit required right here from our UK inventory!


Full Project Link:

UK Shopping List:

You will need:


*Full credit for the project goes to the team at Adafruit - we're just providing a simpler way for our UK customers to find the products they need!

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