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Our 5 Favourite Adafruit Products

Adafruit creates some of the best electronics around, and we’re proud to offer a vast range of them at Makersify. Here are some of our favourite Adafruit products.

SNES Controller

The SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) was the most popular console of its generation, and has since become immortalised among gamers for its outstanding selection of titles and ongoing influence on the industry.

Thanks to Adafruit, you can now relive that golden age of gaming with this third-party SNES controller. Control emulated SNES games the way that they were originally meant to be played with this fantastic gaming accessory.

Rainbow Highlighters

Sometimes the most welcome products don’t also need to be the most technologically-advanced or immediately eye-catching. One of the best examples of a simple but brilliant Adafruit product is their rainbow highlighters.

Joining together a set of four colours in a rainbow design, these products represent the perfect way to bring a little extra vibrancy to your messages and inject some fun into your workplace.

LED Bike Handlebar Pack

Make your bike stand out from the crowd using Adafruit’s LED handlebar pack. Each one contains all the supplies you need, including:

  • White LED Strip
  • 8 x AA Battery Holder
  • Heatshrink Tubing Pack

It only requires a small amount of soldering and sewing to make your LED bicycle handlebars, so this is the perfect project to tackle during your next free weekend. 

Adafruit Cupcade

Use the Cupcade kit to make your very own arcade cabinet that can fit right into your bag. A larger kit that comes with several electronic components, a laser cut case, power adapter, and blank SD card, it does require you to already own a Raspberry Pi model B, a soldering iron, solder, wire, basic electronic hand tools, tape, and other standard items.

Once constructed, you’ll be able to play retro games like Ms Pacman, Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Arkanoid on the 2.8-inch screen.

Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT

The simple design uses plug-in power and runs on Adafruit’s Python code, letting you create your own scrolling display or mini LED wall. On-board level shifters convert RasPi's 3.3V to 5.0V logic for clean and glitch free matrix driving, while a DS1307 Real Time Clock saves the time setting even when the product reboots or powers down.

To check out these Adafruit products, and many others besides, just browse through our online inventory.

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