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Adafruit Pocket Galaxy - UK/EU Version

Would you like to carrying an infinite black hole-like product around with you? Or maybe you’re looking for something to add to your work desk that will get people talking. If so, then the Pocket Galaxy should be your next DIY electronic project.

The Pocket Galaxy is extremely small, small enough to fit easily into any pant pocket, yet super cool and hypnotic. Utilizing a 3D printed infinity mirror and a LiPoly battery and charger, the Pocket Galaxy is easy to make with simple items you likely already have around your home.

We like this idea as an Adafruit reseller because it uses parts and gadgets that aren’t frequently used in DIY projects. Using a 3D printed infinity mirror is definitely unique and the outcome is equally as stunning. Staring into the thing after it’s completed is reminiscent of what we imagine it would be like to stare into a black hole. In a word: awesome.

All you need to complete this project are a few basic Adafruit products, so if you have a garage full of electronic tools and gadgets then you can easily make this one on your own. For the complete directions, scan down below. 

We love the guides and projects provided by Adafruit, which is why we're starting a new blog feature here at Makersify. Each week we'll pick out our favorite project from and create you a new, British shopping list, allowing you to grab all of the kit required right here from our UK inventory!

So, to start keeping track of your pup’s exercise levels, check out the following instructions and materials


Full Project Link:


UK Shopping List:

You will need:


*Full credit for the project goes to the team at Adafruit - we're just providing a simpler way for our UK customers to find the products they need!

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