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5 great things you can do with underused gadgets you already own

If you're anything like us, you'll have heaps of unused gadgets at home. Maybe you've upgraded and haven't had the heart to throw them away, or maybe you have simply forgot about them? At Makersify, we enjoy a bit of recycling and upgrading, so we've compiled a list of five things you can do with gadgets that are in need of a little bit of love.

Make a snazzy new keychain

Ethernet cables broken? Wall port not being used? Glue the port to the wall, and attach the end of the cable to a keyring. Sorted.

Computer monitor to fish tank

You may have seen this one before. Long story short; gouge out all of the electrical bits, fill with water, add fish. Full and a lot safer instructions here.

A computer monitor can also make a great cat bed

Ever noticed how your cat seems drawn to your computer while you're working on it? Your cat could get even closer to your unused computer if you take its monitor, remove its electrical innards and screen, and then place a nice comfy blanket inside the plastic shell. The big square hole where the screen used to be is the new bed's entrance.

Turn your tablet into a digital photo frame

A digital photo frame can seem very slick and futuristic, but also somewhat unnecessary. It won't even be looked at the vast majority of the time, so couldn't the energy used to power it be better spent elsewhere? The trick is to use it only for special occasions, like parties. Then, it's more than worth the energy! Even an outdated tablet can still be more than powerful enough for a digital photo slideshow.

Convert a mobile device into a video phone

A tablet or similar mobile device, like an iPod Touch, tends to be viewed as basically a smartphone with the phone aspect removed. Except that, well, that isn't entirely accurate - if it has a front camera, it can still be used for video calls, using apps like Skype or Apple's FaceTime. An old mobile device can therefore still be used as a video phone even after you've stopped putting it to any other purpose.

There are hundreds more things to do with unwanted gadgets, though. Browse the web for more DIY projects.

At Makersify, we're mad about tech. Don't let yours go to waste. Find out more about the products we sell here.

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