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10 amazing things you can do with a Raspberry Pi

No, we're not talking about the edible kind! The Raspberry-Pi is a series of compact single-board computers, made with the intention of teaching basic computer science in schools and developing countries. The board itself is the size of a credit card, but there are tons of components and add-ons available. The possibilities are endless!

With that, we’ve decided to give you a rundown of 10 projects that are possible to make with the Raspberry Pi.

In no particular order:

  1. Make a Pi case- an easy one to start with. Print out this PDF and follow the super simple instructions to make a snazzy case for your board.
  2. Minecraft- the ever-popular video game has been made playable on the Pi. Full instructions are
  3. Make a retro gaming console- A bit trickier, but a few additional components plus some casing can make a basic but fully working gaming console. Instructions and a shopping list
  4. Fling it into space- Sort of. This quirky project involves balloons, a GPS sensor, and a camera. Capture some great high-altitude shots, and hopefully find your device again afterwards!
  5. Build a simple jukebox- one for music-lovers. With just 5 extra components needed, you’ll be blasting tunes in no time. Find out how
  6. Revive a Gameboy- if you’re a bit more skilled in the soldering department, this is the project for you.
  7. Create a phone- you read that right. A little bit more advanced and costly, but a great project
  8. Modernise a small beer fridge- a personal favourite. Requires a Wii Balance Board of all things, though!
  9. Laptop in a lunch box- A bit wacky, but you can create a laptop inside of a lunch box! Find out more
  10. Create an email notification light- this cute little project alerts you of new emails.

If you’re still stuck for ideas after the above 10 projects, the web has thousands more projects for you to get stuck into. No matter your skill level or budget, there’ll be one for you!

View our Raspberry Pi range here, and find out more about the device at Raspberry Pi’s official website.

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