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A beginner’s guide to using an Arduino

If you’ve already purchased an Arduino and you’re not sure where to start, or if you’re considering purchasing one, this beginner’s guide will be handy for getting it up and running!

What is Arduino?

Arduino is the name of an open-source electronics platform, its software and hardware, and the name of the company that produces it all. The essential component is the Arduino Board; a series of credit-card sized boards.

The Arduino Uno is the most basic board to start with, but more accessible. Arduino boards are able to read inputs and turn them into outputs. For example; a finger on a button = turning on an LED light.

You control the Ardunio Board by using the Arduino programming language, and the Arduino software.

Hundreds of extra components are available. Anything from microscopes, LED lights, and sensors can be purchased. From this, the world is your oyster! Browse the web to see what people have created with the Arduino , or view some more ideas here.

Why should I use Arduino?

Arduino is ideal for those wanting to explore coding or programming. With guidance from a teacher, it could also be used in schools and colleges.

It’s easy enough for absolute beginners to pick up, but there’s enough options available for those with more experience with coding. Arduino boards are also fairly inexpensive. The least expensive model can be assembled by hand, whilst some of the others can cost under $50.

The Aruidno software and hardware is open source and extensible, and it’s cross-platform (this means it can run on Windows, Macintosh OSX, and Linux operating systems).

The technology may look confusing to start with, but with a large amount of online resources and guides, you’ll be up and running in no time!

What’s possible?

The Arduino website has a huge list of beginner, intermediate, and advanced projects for you to get stuck into. Some highlights of what’s possible include;

  • A binary clock
  • A synthesizer
  • A maze solving robot

And many, many more!

If you still don’t feel fully clued up, have a read of the guide to getting started. View the full range of Arduino products here. Happy programming!

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