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Adafruit GPS Dog Collar - UK/EU Version

If your’e looking for a new and exciting project to incorporate your Adafruit gadgets into, then we’ve got one you have to try! As a pet owner, you undoubtedly want to make sure your dog gets the proper amount of exercise. After all, a good dog is a tired dog, but how can you keep up with her paw steps without some sort of puppy pedometer? The answer is, you can’t.

A GPS dog collar works in the same way a pedometer does, except you have to download the information onto your computer to see the results. For those of us who love the tech side of things, this is anything but an inconvenience.

We love the guides and projects provided by Adafruit, which is why we're starting a new blog feature here at Makersify. Each week we'll pick out our favorite project from and create you a new, British shopping list, allowing you to grab all of the kit required right here from our UK inventory!

So, to start keeping track of your pup’s exercise levels, check out the following instructions and materials


Full Project Link:


UK Shopping List:

You will need:


*Full credit for the project goes to the team at Adafruit - we're just providing a simpler way for our UK customers to find the products they need!

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